E-Commerce Payment Solutions

E-Commerce Payment Solution

E-Commerce Payment

Direct Link

Email Payment

Recurring Payment

E-Commerce Payment Solutions

E-Commerce Payment

Collect online payments for your website through our internet payment system, securely. Whether on a desktop or mobile app, iPay88 allows you to add multiple payment methods that range from email payments, shopping cart plug-ins, easy payment plans and more.

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E-Commerce Payment Solutions

Direct Link

Fast and Easy Web Checkout Process

Deliver a seamless checkout experience by integrating with iPay88’s payment system into your website or app. Your business will be able to accept various payment methods via bank cards, online banking to e-wallets. Specially designed for:

Online Mall or Marketplace

Fashion, Healthy and Beauty

Home Appliance and IT Gadgets

Shopping Cart

Are you looking for a complete e-commerce experience? iPay88’s payment acquisition plug-in integrates quickly into a wide range of popular shopping carts

Straightforward Integration

Choose to integrate with our pre-integrated payment module or plug-in for your choice of shopping carts.

Faster Execution

We work with various shopping carts to provide plug-in for iPay88. It enables fast deployment and reduces integration to the payment gateway.

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E-Commerce Payment Solutions

Email Payment

Bill with Email Payment Link

Enjoy easier ways to bill your customers with Email Payment. Deliver e-invoices and payment requests via email in just a few clicks. Specially designed for:


Training Academy

Consultancy Firms

Food Catering

Collection Payment with Email

Start billing your customers with iPay88’s Email Payment. Generate online payment requests delivered to your customer’s email inbox.

More Payment Options

Once your customers received your email payment request, they can make the payment via online banking, bank cards or e-wallets.

Make Payment On-Behalf

Now you can empower those without access to financial services to shop online. The Pay4Me feature enables payment to be made by a third party via email.

Avoid Messy Bank Transfer

Customers can now pay by clicking on the customized link and merchant gets instant confirmation once payment is made.

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E-Commerce Payment Solutions

Recurring Payment

Fast & Easy Checkout Process

In a few quick steps you can offer your customers customized recurring payments for subscriptions or fees for your services. Specially designed for:

Membership and Subscriptions Fees

Bill Payments


Subscriptions Basis

Complement your service with recurring payment by collecting payments either on a subscription or monthly basis.


Expect no delays when you provide your customers an option to schedule their payments and allow the deduction to take place automatically.

Pay with Credit or Debits Cards

Customers have the flexibility to pay using their credit card or debit card. 

E-Mandate (CASA Recurring)

Payments will be deducted from customers’ saving account (CASA). 

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