Business SSD Web Hosting

Enterprise SSD, Double the CPU & RAM with Extra Security

The Absolute Beast in SSD, CPU & RAM

Free Domain, SSL Cert & Anti-Spam

High Availability, Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

24/7 Certified Linux/ Windows Engineers

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Business SSD Web Hosting Plans boasts 4x the resources of the Standard Shared Hosting Plans and are optimized for corporate and e-commerce websites. Our Business SSD Web Hosting plans utilize Enterprise-Grade SSDs and LiteSpeed Web Server with LSCache, resulting in page loads that are 84X faster than websites that use standard shared hosting while being more reliable than consumer SSD HDD Hard Drives. In addition to that, MailSentinel is included in our plans which ensure reliable sending and receiving of all your emails while bypassing IP Blacklists. Our Business SSD Web Hosting Plans are designed to suit the needs of high-traffic sites and e-commerce platforms that have heavier resource demands.

Make the switch and enjoy the enhanced hosting that your business deserves today!

Business SSD Web Hosting Plan (Linux)

Free Domain! Get a FREE .com or domain name applicable for ANY ANNUAL BUSINESS PLAN!


1 Year – RM250/y

2 Years – RM210/y

3 Years – RM180/y

FREE Domain (.com/



10 Websites

100GB Enterprise SSD Disk Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unlimited Email Accounts

2X CPU 2GB Memory

84X Faster LiteSpeed Technology

Anti-Spam Protection (SA)

Anti-Hacking Protection (WAF)

Mail Sentinel IP Blacklist Prevention

MySQL (SSD supported)

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee


1 Year – RM395/y

2 Years – RM297/y

3 Years – RM230/y

FREE Domain (.com/



100 Websites

200GB Enterprise SSD Disk Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unlimited Email Accounts

3X CPU 3GB Memory

84X Faster LiteSpeed Technology

Anti-Spam Protection (SA)

Anti-Hacking Protection (WAF)

Mail Sentinel IP Blacklist Prevention

MySQL (SSD supported)

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee


1 Year – RM731/y

2 Years – RM562/y

3 Years – RM468/y

FREE Domain (.com/



Unlimited Websites

300GB Enterprise SSD Disk Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unlimited Email Accounts

4X CPU 4GB Memory

84X Faster LiteSpeed Technology

Anti-Spam Protection (SA)

Anti-Hacking Protection (WAF)

Mail Sentinel IP Blacklist Prevention

MySQL (SSD supported)

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Why choose us?

Saving time & money – is something we would all like to do. Whether you are struggling to manage day to day or earning a six figure salary, saving is something we all think about.

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4X Hyperfaster

This Business Hosting uses Solid State Drive(SSD) hard drives that is 4X faster than normal HHD. Your website loads faster due to better performance and faster speed.

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Not Your Average SSD

This Business Hosting uses enterprise grade SSD which is 2X more reliable and longer lasting than normal consumer grade SSD. Enterprise grade SSD is used because our servers run 24/7 which require the highest industry grade SSD.

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Litespeed Technologies

Litespeed solution provides the fastest page load compared to traditional Apache or NGINIX programs. LiteSpeed Web Server delivers up to 84X faster page load speed.

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Boosted Memory

Make your visitors feel your website is operating a lot smoother and quicker when they move from different sections of your website. Now with two times higher RAM, making viewing experience way better resulting in better visitor’s sentiments.

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Ecommerce Friendly

4X more power than conventional shared hosting is designed for websites that demand massive resources, having high-traffic (website visitors) in a month and needs faster load speed to convert the leads, which make it the best fit for e-commerce websites.

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Free Domain Privacy Protection

Your privacy is our concern. All business hosting users can get the protection and mask their personal information in WHOIS directory. Safeguard your personal information against hackers and spammers to prevent domain related spams for Free!

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Free Anti-Spam Protection

99.9% accuracy in email filtering to protect your email and network infrastructure from spams, phishing, malware and virus attack. Our anti-spam solution will ensure email delivery by enabling message queueing feature while the server is down!

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Web Application Firewall

This Business premium hosting servers are protected by Web Application Firewall (WAF) against the most dangerous web application security threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, illegal resource access, remote file inclusion etc.

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100X Premium SLA

For Business SSD Web Hosting, we offer 100X Premium SLA. If you incur any reported downtime, we will credit back 100X the loss time faced.

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99.9% Email Delivery

Experience poor email deliverability? With our Business premium web hosting, rest assured that you will receive/send emails without fail.

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99.99% Uptime

Our Business premium web hosting has 99.99% uptime guaranteed. This means that in 1 week – we only allow 1.01 minutes downtime which is less than 1 hour in a year.

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One-Click Installer

Simple and quick application Installer is available to all Shinjiru’s Business premium hosting plans. Now you can install more than 419 Apps to your website with just one click using Softaculous auto installer!

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Premium Network

Business premium web hosting customers enjoy premium network connectivity. Our premium network provides unmetered bandwidth with a 10Gbps MYIX connection.

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Control Panel

cPanel is a global standard control panel with a rich feature set aimed to simplify the lives of web users. With a great user interface, cPanel makes managing your web hosting easy.

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Superior Stability

This web hosting is supported by CloudLinux Technology which increases service stability by keeping your site online with truly balanced RAM, CPU and Disk IO limits and higher flexibility in having multiple PHP versions for the website.

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247 Support

We are an ISO9001 certified web hosting company with a 247×365 command center.

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FastVault Backup

Malware and virus attack, accidental data removal or server crash will not affect your business anymore. Remember to subscribe to our weekly FastVault Backup and stop worrying about your data loss. Keep your data safe!

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Having a good domain name is a very important start. With our wide range of over 300 domain extensions, you can surely find your perfect domain name here! Our one stop portal makes it easy to track, update, transfer, purchase, and administer all of your domains in one place.

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We provide Free SSL Certificate, renewable every 90 days and is as trusted as any paid SSL certificates. This means the free certificate is recognized and trusted by 99.9% of all browsers and devices and can immediately go to work securing your web site.